Horse Property Sales Pros

Selling Your Horse Property, Ranchette or Acreage? You Need a Horse Property Pro!

Properly valuing and marketing a horse property isn’t something just any real estate agent can do. You need someone who speaks the language.

In equine real estate sales, showcasing details like barn construction, stall systems, soil and footing, water wells and piping, turnout, riding areas, and ag exemption opportunities is every bit as important as kitchen layout and home updates. Sometimes even more so!

If you’re selling an equine business, you have commercial valuations to consider, too. Plus, you may want to market privately to avoid disrupting your clientele.

Krista Fabregas is a horse property specialist with deep roots in the Houston-area horse industry. She’s ridden and shown throughout the region for 30 years and has a network of contacts across many disciplines.

Krista will help you to set the right price, then aggressively market your horse property via numerous online and offline channels — or privately via industry contacts, if needed.

Considering Selling? Start With a Free Horse Property Valuation

Let Krista conduct a free competitive market analysis (CMA) of your property’s value on today’s market. Just complete the short form below, or contact Krista at 281-435-5422.

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Spotlight Horse Property Listings in the Greater Houston Region

Current sale listings can give you a ballpark idea of what your property might be worth. But remember! List prices are not the final sale price. Only a professional CMA will give you a complete pricing picture.

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